Reporting time – Good Shepherd annual reports



Luminus has had an on-going relationship with Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service from our early days. Among the many projects we’ve produced together have been their Annual Reports for the past 5 or so years. The first few were primarily printed pieces, with an online download, but more recently they have been produced with more emphasis on the online presence as primary focus .

Combining Ross Bird’s stunning photographic portraits of clients, staff and volunteers with the space to breath, the ’09, ’10 and ’11 reports maintained a regular square format and simple, clean design.

Blog reports-1

Blog reports-2

Clearly there are several functions to Annual Reports. In GSYFS’ case we’ve separated out the financial data into one booklet, twinned with another presenting a colourful keep-sake over-view of services, ideals and the year’s achievements. We’ve taken an opportunity to showcase the value of supporters, staff and clients alike.

Blog reports online-1

The 2013/2013 report took greater strides into the online space and was designed to work equally as a 16 page printed report and an engaging multi-page digital piece, with animations and drop-down text boxes. Blog reports online-2

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