We create value and prominence for our clients by not only making them look great, but by ensuring their story is told simply, succinctly and clearly.

Businesses come to us for bright ideas, strategic insight, beautiful design and clear communication. We create identities, print, advertising, websites and more that ensure our clients don’t get lost in the crowd.

The Luminus team has broad experience in design, brand development, advertising and client-side marketing. We’ve worked with some of the biggest businesses in Australia and NZ, with boutique enterprises, not-for-profits and everything in between.

Starlets to supernovas…

We love working with forward-thinking clients, whether large or small, start-up or established, exploring and innovating while pushing expectations and results.

We thrive on problem-solving, through a winning mix of animal instinct and finely-tuned strategic analysis with an unwavering commitment to quality. We love working on projects that inspire us, our clients and everybody else, crafting something beautiful, and highly effective, in the process.