Lethiathan: CD cover and logo for Rubicon Day


leviathan cover set

A while back a colleague came to us speaking excitedly of a dream. It turned out Michael’s talents ran far deeper than the financial acumen and good humour we knew him for. He writes songs. Dylanesque protest songs among others.

He confessed he didn’t have a voice and his guitar skills were rudimentary, but Michael was going to put out a CD. Before his next birthday no less.

He was getting the music side together with the aid of some high profile music industry figures he’d met, but he needed a cover, he needed an image, a logo. That’s where we happily came in.

leviathan 2

The lead song was a powerful anti-whaling song, Leviathan. This was to be the title of the album. The name of the ‘band’ was to be Rubicon Day (from today there is no turning back).

Many of the songs dealt with loss, struggle or destruction; of loved ones, whales, the Twin Towers. We supported and interpreted his examination of the tenuous status of species, objects, freedoms and relationships through a series of  enigmatic de-focused images, on the cover and within a multi-page lyric booklet .

The album was made – by the deadline – with the participation of some of Melbourne best session muso’s. It’s a great listen, fueled my Michael’s unwavering belief in his dream and his commitment to making it a reality.

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