Good Shepherd Microfinance research project

We’ve worked with Good Shepherd Microfinance, sister organisation to long-term client Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service, on several important projects over the years.

One of many responibilities of GS Microfinance is to undertake effective and accurate research. To enable this an involved research process has been developed. We were tasked with ensuring the presentation of this process, and documentation of it, was easy to follow and engaging.

micro research 6

The result was a 9-part printed and fill-able digital piece, featuring hand-books and centering on a diagramatic Research Roadmap, complete with icons and colour-coding.

micro research-2

Each stage of the research process is represented by a variety of icons, directing participants to the relevant stake-holder or resource.

micro research 7-9-3

micro research 3

Eight colour-coded multi-page handbooks were produced, featuring iconography, tables and requisite forms.

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