Ruby. An adventurous travel-bug takes flight


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One of the greatest rewards from doing what we do is becoming involved in the dreams and projects of clients, colleagues and friends and help breath life into them.

Long-time friend of Luminus, Séan Cox, copywriter/creative director/illustrator/designer, had been working on just such a project for about 7 years when we became involved and helped him push it over the line.

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Ruby. The adventures of a travel bug is a story written and illustrated by Séan and follows the story of the eponymous ladybird heroine from school yard to Tanzania, where she meets all sorts of friends she discovers she has more in common with than she might expect.

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Producing a book is never easy. Séan has MS and as such his work becomes an even more painstaking process. He paints his beautiful, full-of-character illustrations on canvas, and already had very many of them either completed or near-complete. What was needed was some advice on how to turn these pieces into a book with variety and flow. We came along and gave a little structure to the page layout and BOOM! Another dream is realised.

The best thing is it’s a dream YOU can buy:

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